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Teddy is an incredible little boy and his parents need your help - he was unfortunately diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma which is a particularly aggressive and complex cancer to treat. It has a high likelihood of returning, and if this happens the survival rate is very low. 

After ongoing treatment I am pleased to say he is currently showing No Evidence of Disese :) but that doesn’t mean there is no disese left in his body. It is still uncertain, as they could just be too small to be detected at this point in time.

The aim to continue his full course of immunotherapy, and then to take him to the Mamoral Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York, where they have developed an injection to teach the body to fight the cancerous cells and therefore give them life long immunity. 

Which is why his parents need your help, so we will provide £10 for the sale of each print to help support and fundraise for Teddy.


All prints are sold as A4 

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